Saturday, March 2, 2013

DAY 34) String Theory!

A simple string can stop one in one’s tracks. Dogs, trained to stay in their yard by a thin electric wire, will soon enough not cross over the barrier, even when it is turned off. And in the army, in the jungle or the bush, even the slightest hint of thread near one’s path was enough to stop an entire platoon up; no one wanted to be responsible for tripping a trip-wire. Yet some threads betwixt people are like a silvered connection of psychic awareness. Special. A friend of mine and I often jabber at each other about it; we have a rapport that reaches across time and space. Yet with others we may get strung out, strung up, tied in knots, or frustratingly entangled. String Theory connects us all.

The very complexity of our universe means we are often mistaken about our assumptions, insights, assertions, beliefs, connections, and security. It does not take much to untie a bow, cut a cord, or fray the texture. It also does not take much to have things all tied up. Seemingly secure. String Theory purports to do just that; to be an answer for things. It at times imperially is announced as a Theory of Everything. It is easy to trip up over a word like ‘theory’. (Never mind a big word like ‘Quantum’!)

From bitty-bits through their three basic ingredients of Electrons that gyrate around a nucleus of Neutrons and Protons, we are structured so that a kabillion-billion-kabillion of Atoms makes up each of us. Yet even those three teensy ingredients of an atom are subdivided. The electron is made up of leptons. And the neutrons and protons are made up of quarks. (And to be imbalanced in measure is to be thought of as being quirky, ha!)

Interesting that the subatomic universe is known as The Standard Model; (my ‘sense’ is that it’s automatic!) Physics has it that there are 12 fundamental building blocks making up our atomic soup, and that there are forces of interaction between them. 6 Quarks interact with 6 Leptons. Quark names are so very creative! Up; Down; Charm; Strange, Bottom; and, Top. Leptons have much more exotic names, like Electron; Muon; Tauon; and the triplets, The Three Neutrinos. (Ir-religiously, they’re rather like names for 12 apostles!)

Thing is, ‘The Twelve’ don’t just integrate in accord; they tend to co-habit according to four fundamental forces: Strong or Weak Nuclear force; Electromagnetism; and what sucks most of all, Gravity. But these 4 forces don't gather in spaces just unto themselves; they are moved by Particles of Light, those grand mediators of flow among them all, called Photons. The Four Forces are thus made up of fundamental photon particles that act as integrators of ‘The One Force’. Active interchange of our photons attract, like filings to magnets. Strong Force is invigorated by Eight Particles known as (you guessed it!) Gluons. But Weak Force enervates, no thanks to Three Particles, the W+, the W- , and the Z. (Or a minus and a plus still equals zed! Ha!) The lone particle that sucks? Graviton!

String Theory has it that an atom’s electrons oscillate multi-directionally, in constant flow. There is no sticking place. And so the vibration of the universe is in an accord with each and everything, responding (or reacting) in a state of rapport. Point is, if you’re still reading this, and following along, and finding it interesting (let alone fascinating) then we have a rapport in this moment. Stronger yet, it might even engender a tangential response, if not a like minded one. But if the mind has wandered into a ‘WTF?’ (Why Too Fuddled?), then our rapport, for the moment, is not ready, not right, and awaits...?  

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