Friday, April 23, 2010

Aspiraling as we Aspire

Spiral Dynamics; A Quick Explication of Clare Graves’ research.
(by R.F. Michelle~Pentelbury)

Essential premise:
Every Individual is EVERYTHING; the degree of Predominant Realization/Identification with Everything becomes the issue.

Second premise:
Degrees of dissatisfaction/disassociation/and even confrontation will naturally depend on a given inherent want to protect/establish/align the self/ego/comfort-zone as separate from Complete Integration.

Third premise:
The more matured the soul, at whatever chronological age, the greater the realization and aspiration toward complete integration; the less mature the soul, at any chronological age, the greater the realization to stay entrenched in the familiarity of the level/tier/rung/step with which one MOST PREDOMINANTLY identifies, DESPITE being EVERYTHING.

Therefore, going “top-down”:

9th level: CORAL
"Integration" means a COMPLETE inclusion and absorption and compassion and acceptance for EVERY and ANYTHING.

8th level: TURQUIOSE
Fundamentally integrative, but experiencing DEGREES of individual preferences and wants, and thereby acting upon those self-gratifying needs. Evaluative as opposed to Judgmental.

7th level: YELLOW
Fundamentally fragmented between becoming integrative and that of retaining the concepts/precepts/constructs/proclivities of its adherence to/inculcations by/usage of/familiarity with the identification of the self within the First Six Levels (which are essentially JUDGEMENTAL and
DISSASOCIATIVE.(i.e., A very emotional and distraught state of being to stay in; the “sin” is in awareness of attitudinal stances ).

6th level: GREEN
Attempting Egalitarianism and Equity for all; thinks those who do not see things from that point of view to be in essence, idiots.

5th level: ORANGE
Wants to provide service and jobs and welfare for many, being top dog at best, and is highly motivated to lead, guide, and direct others toward success, but has high exclusion factors if others don't meet with
expectations. (Donald Trump)

4th level: BLUE
Needs to associate itself with a larger group of like-mindedness, such as all ~isms: Communism, Capitalism, and any Religion-ism, and discounts/devalues/judges/disparages/and can even hate those who disagree with its fundamental beliefs. “Truth is truth.”

3rd level: RED
Needs to have The Self exercised/extolled and promoted despite/over/above others; evident in gang leadership, degrees of competition, and most disparagement of others.

2nd level: PURPLE
Needs thru insecurity of self to belong to a clan/clave/closed family/club that is esoteric/closed membership/ and fundamentally “exclusive”.

1st level: BEIGE
Needs primarily to satisfy/gratify its own needs and has little need to include or overcome others for the sake of influence or power (as in level 3)

Applications?: "Gnothi seauton" ~ know thyself, the better to integrate and include and have compassion for others.

Finally, here's an essay I wrote about it as I use it and teach it to the acting community: