Monday, November 15, 2010

Worth Posting?

There appears no reason to post here. There is little evidence of others reading it. The NOTES section on Facebook Profile has my fourteen or so essays of Africa. Were i to paste them in here, which of you would prefer it to my Facebook pages?? I shall check this missive for a week; no responses, no further postings. But then again, if you would like the essays here, well then, i'm ready to post! Leastwise, we save on trees!


  1. Put 'em here! They'll eventually get lost in facebook land.

  2. I find that no matter where I post something, no one seems to notice it. I guess the social network isn't really social?

  3. Indeed there is no crime in sowing the seed both in the morning and in the evening, the only task remaining to find the resources when you need them.


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