Saturday, August 4, 2012

J) Integrating God

Enlightenment is not a product, it's a process. There is no absolute other than the absoluteness of utter inclusion. Which part of Everything is not? The apportionments of each Meme preference within such freedom from arrogant-judgements predominantly grows toward the inclusion of every thought, perception, feeling, action, thing, being, everything and all to exist in a flow of energy beyond one's conception; and so some name it Universal Awareness. Within such an Integral Holon is apportioned the sacred and the profound and the real and the imagined and the blessed include the damned.  Some create great Chains of Being, and others find The Way, others conjoin Heaven and Hell, and yet others Sin and Nobility. Yet instincts will pluck from a Time Past in the voices of forefathers not to forget the ways of ancestors, not to dismiss the collective teachings, not to betray a past that brought each of us to this very present, even as you now read this period. You are a God? Blasphemy! We spiral or dance or vacillate or gyrate or breathe or think or feel or act from the entire basis of all that which we were, are, and hope to be. Past and present and future simultaneously imbues each of us, aware or not. It is the degree to which we accept Utterly Everything that we realize our potentiality, as a process, not a product. Everything is as was, is, and may by choice be.

Evaluative-Choice is preferential. Arrogant-Judgement is attitudinal. Choice-Evaluation is compassionate toward the murderer, proactive. Arrogant-Judgement, if not vengeful, is pejoratively attitudinal, condemning. Evaluation may concur that the proven murderer be given consequence that serves us all, judgement may declare that such murderer, if not to be hanged, be incarcerated without reprieve and punished and penalized and despised. Yet neither evaluative-choice nor arrogant-judgement may condone, let pass, promote, or excuse the actions of evil, of intentional harm. Evaluative-Choice will seek to understand. Arrogant-Judgement will, at best, seek to be pragmatic. And choices in evaluation may be deemed to be soft; judgement's choice be seen to be strong. Clearly!

Integrationists may seemingly be weak. Their instincts for preservation and of nurturing and protecting and accepting everything can appear wishy-washy. They apparently lack the passion and verve of the protestor, the righteously outraged, the angered, the lusty, the needy and even the drive for necessities. They can seem bland. And in moments of their displaying hurt or want or intensity of interest, they may be seen as quite evidently suspect of being so integrative in the first place.  Who do you think you are? You are not as clever or spiritual as you think! I see you ogling that second piece of cheesecake!

We are everything. The smallest child. The oldest adult. The beggar, the liar, the thief. The magistrate, the courtier, the king the pawn, the rook. Which of us is exempt? By variable realization (and more especially in the habituations to which we are given since we are not autonomous and absolutely independent of all others) we are able to have our enlightenment realized such that we are relatively free from reaction, and more readily responsive. It is our attachment to grades, to grades of thinking, of arrogance in judgement, even so of evaluation, that layers in our pathways of perception become our habit, even as I write. Fish and birds may marry; but... Who do you think you are?

We are ourselves. Individual. Progressing individually, albeit collectively. We naturally compare. We naturally judge. We naturally prefer. We do things by habit. Absolutely!

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