Tuesday, February 5, 2013


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Sender: Helen Panourgias
To: Richard Michelle-Pentelbury
Subject: RE: Qantas Executive Relations Mr Pentelbury
Sent: 5 Feb 2013 05:12

Ref HP/2013/010371

Dear Mr Pentelbury
Penny is on annual leave and I am now handling your concerns.
I have had a look at your booking and noted the upgrade was not placed in for your flight for QF 581.
Please be assured I am happy to arrange the space available upgrade for your return flight QF 580 on 7 March.
Thank you for your kinds words that I have certainly passed on to Fiona and Penny.
We appreciate your continued support of Qantas and hope everything goes smoothly for your journey home.

Kind regards
Executive Relations Qantas Airways Ltd Address: QCE3 203 Coward Street | Mascot NSW 2020 Tel: 02 9691 3208 | Fax: 1800 613 844 | Email: ccexec@qantas.com.au

Dear Helen (and Fiona and Penny),
I am surprised and delighted at your caring considerations, thank you! In the interest of ethics, however, I choose to apprise you that your stellar desk check-in clerk at Perth, a Julie Showbrook, (please see my essay about it from my Blog below) was most courteous and attentive, pushed me in my wheelchair herself to the waiting area (since i cannot push myself) and secured an upgrade seat for me on February 01 from Sydney to Perth. While i am most grateful for your considerations, I do not think it right that you be under the impression that i did not receive your complementary service. You may see from my Blog that i am on a 40 day and 40 night sojourn, and that the momentum of my M'Lady Nancy's Memoire project is gaining mythical proportions. That you and Qantas have been so instrumental in assisting me is noted with deep gratitude. Should you still see fit that i be upgraded on March 07 i shall not decline, given my physical limitations, but i totally do not expect it as such.
I hope you will avail yourself of the Blog. (There is even a picture of me with the Qantas bag you gave me, ha!) In the meantime, the pertinent essay relating to Qantas is appended below. I post the Blog on Facebook, where i have quite a substantial and growing following. You will find this quote from paragraph four (written on the day i travelled) to be quite germane to the gist of this letter: "We behave according to codes of conduct. Ethics, though situational, is an expectation we easily break when we are not thinking. That's why we check our change. That's why we zip up our pockets, need security, have distrust. Ethics has as its first tenant that we do what we can to make the best for all. Problem is, selfishness easily gets in the way."
In that light then, may you too become invigorated.
Sincerely, Richard   P.s. The Blog link on my web is at: www.RichardMichellePentelbury.com      [Forgive my immodesty Enuff SAID! Ha!]

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