Monday, July 23, 2012

WTF Warning! Pornography Ad Infinitum! (Graphic Image!)

Found this image on Facebook today, published as humor by a former student of mine. For what it is worth, here is my response: 

While deeply symbolic and creative, this graphic image gives yield to the definition of pornography.
If we keep silent for fear of being censors we allow the innocent, the easily affected, the ignorant, the easily led, the easily influenced to become copy cats. 
The horrid Batman movie theater tragedy this last Friday midnight provides example. 
Yet Dark Humor has its place, especially to a paying public. 
But might not those of us who can spread such imagery to any free public-forum consider the influence we may have on the evolution of mankind toward higher ideals, rather than feeding its atavistic impulses?
Let's indeed have a heart!

Herein too, as posted on Facebook, lies perception: 

This young lady evokes a sense of immediate appreciation for the vitality of a healthy looking body. The children too appear just to be having fun.

But the 98+ people's commentary ranges from the lewd, crude, obvious, and downright dirty to some saying we should just lighten up! Is the image perhaps deliberate or perhaps accidental provocativeness? It certainly inspires the chatter, the matter, the prattle over perceptions!

Then again, in terms of lightening up, here's something that elicits a real chuckle, ha!:  

 W.T.F. indeed, Ha!


  1. I have fought a similar battle in advertising for as long as I can remember..trying to get co-workers to think about how women are portrayed in the media and the consequences there of. I'd take the Swedish Chef any day! ha!

  2. Thanks Margo. Trust you to be the insightful one!


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